"The Calling Wraiths" is not the actual name of this species. There are three names provided by legend.

The Calling Wraiths
Some attributes
First Knows the location of any victim
Second Immortal
Third Will never be distracted from their mission
Other attributes

The Calling Wraiths, also known as the Wither Death or Those That Are Yet to Die, are mysterious entities of unknown origin. There are three legends, each with their own twist on the Calling Wraiths:

Wither DeathEdit


One personification, which inspired the Wither Death.

Strange demons created by the Ended Deities to kill at random. They were trapped by the Olympians in another dimension soon after the fall of the Titans, but a rift in Cardiff somehow allowed them to escape. They are scarce, and wander the Earth seeking for specific targets of importance.

Those That Are Yet to DieEdit


An armored Calling Wraith in medieval armor, which inspired the second legend in 1242.

The revived corpse of those that one or one's direct family had killed. They return from the dead only after fully decaying, and then set out to have revenge, stopped by nothing.

The Calling WraithsEdit


An Emissary of Death. These things are known by Wizards to truly exist; whether they are the Calling Wraiths is not known.


Death itself upon the Throne.

Messengers sent by Death to extinguish those that were supposed to die but somehow didn't, they also serve a role as couriers for Death, sending messages to other supernatural beings, such as the Queen of Elves, the Fang of the Dragon Clan, the Archmage of the Wizard order, Love, and the minor deities. Their role in destroying specific targets would only be known to Death, and he's not telling.