Shizo is an Assassin Hunt character and the older brother of Roakai and older fraternal twin of Shino.


Shizo Nagasaky is an average looking 17 year old boy, he is 5"5' tall and is usually dressed in black cargo pants, a blue t-shirt, neck scarf, two side black side belts, one having a pouch with ninja stars in it, two wrist bands, a set of armour that wraps around his sholders and under his arms, and two swords that are made of titanium and virtually indestructible. He has silvery gray hair.


He has a stronge relationship with Roakai and Kumi, but he has a strange feeling about Shino and he has no idea about why, but he is very respectful and brave, he protects his frends and would take a blow for any of his friends or familly members.


Two swords that have heat coils that make the metal white hot, three throwing knives, a pouch of ninja stars, some smoke bombs; his greatest weapons are his sharp mind and quick reflexes.


Shizo Nagasaky is brother to Roakai Nagasaky and Shino, who is Shizo's long-lost twin, he has a close relationship towards his girlfriend Kumi.


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