Vital statistics
Position Monster Hunter
Age 18
Status Dead
Gender Unknown
Physical attributes
Height 5'5"
Weight Unknown
Species Unknown
"Wait...was that an elevator we were on???" —Shino to Kepler

Shino is a character in the early RP.


Shino was found to be briliant at a young age, and excelled greatly in her school.  She also has some spy training.  She graduated at a young age, and then traveled France for a while, where she met Kitty.  She gave the girl a few pointers on pickpocketting, and then traveled back to the USA, and eventually met Kepler.  Ever since then, she has been following him around on missions.

The RP starts with Shino, Sayo and Kepler killing giant snakes, then traveling back to the city, where they take a plane to London.  Kepler proposes to her there, and she accepts.  They then meet up with Nathan, Rys Tennant and Pierre Lemont  and add them to their team.


Shino is bouncy and fun-loving, though deadly when she needs to be.  

Physical AppearanceEdit

Shino is 5'5, with short brown hair and blue eyes.  She has a tendency to wear a lot of green, and leans towards being girly most times.


Commander KeplerEdit

Sayo highly disapproves of their relationship and does not trust Kepler to do anything right. She was engaged to Warrant Officer Kepler in 2009.

Maxwell StaleyEdit

To be decided...


Shino is very protective of Nathan, and is always worrying for him, knowing that he's a lot more vulnerable than the rest of the team.  


  • She is the only girl thus far in the early RP
  • The only characters she knows from the later RP are Commander Kepler and Agent Maxwell Staley
  • Shino is played by Arya Elf