Scott S.
Vital statistics
Position Unknown
Age 25 (theoretically, during Aftermath)
Status MIA
Gender Unknown
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Species Unknown

Sayo is a mysterious person that appears when most needed and then vanishes. No one knows who he is or who he works for. It is known that his name is Sayo (SI-o) because an enemy soldier whispered it to himself when Sayo arrived.


Scott S. joined the Army at age 18 to be with his brother. He was often with Kepler S. and Staley on missions, until one day they were escaping a grenade and he, stuck, was left behind. He was thought to he dead.

He had in fact been hiding, and had gained a new advantage: a mechanical arm with a cannon on it. He traveled the world fighting terrorists of any sort.

He reunited with Kepler S. in Arizona while Kepler was on a mission to track him down and kill him.

He went missing during the fall of Mossy Caverns.


He highly disapproved of Kepler's and Maxwell's ways, but he let them do what they wanted and did not interfere for the most part.