Rys Tennant
Rys Tennant
Vital statistics
Position Mercenary
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Gender Unknown
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Species Unknown
Rys Tennant was a mercenary in the RP who worked with Commander Kepler S..


Rys was known to have become a mercenary in 2009. He was quite experienced in the battlefield, which is why Commander Kepler hired him. He often worked with Kepler on missions.


Rys was probably the most moral member of the group. He also had a very blunt way of dealing with things, such as blasting doors to pieces and such.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Rys has dark green hair, brown eyes, and wears a large dark gray jacket.


Agent BlakeEdit

He was good friends with Blake, and often stuck up for her when Staley irritated her by flirting. She also made his nickname, Sten, because of his use of the sten submachinegun.

Maxwell StaleyEdit

Rys was not on good terms with Staley. He disliked the fact that Staley swore, drank and flirted with Blake. He often became physical with Staley when very irritated.

Commander KeplerEdit

Rys got on very well with Kepler. He was very loyal to him, and preferred him to lead the team.

Dr. SchlechtEdit

Aside from hating Schlecht's problems, Rys got on fairly well with him. He called him nicknames such as "Doc Brown" and "Doctor Seuss" when he felt like teasing.


Tennant's relationship with Del's was much like him and Staley, except that they seem to interact less, and Del was never serious about hitting on Blake.


  • He is of no relation to the actor by the stage name of David Tennant
  • Rys Tennant is played in the RP by Vonness11`