Mij Gilamar
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First Agent
Second Monster Hunter
Third Idiot
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Mij is a character in the RP, and a US federal agent.


Mij is a special agent in the US Navy's NCIS law enforcement branch.  Not much is known about his life before joining NCIS,  What is known is that Mij trained in traditioal Okinawan Karate and Kobudo as a teenager, as well as an adult.  He has obtained a 5th degree black belt in Karate and a 2nd degree in Kobudo. 

Personality Edit

Mij is generally calm. He is 6ft and about 200lbs. Mij has a slight drinking problem, though seldom gets drunk. Mij often gives those around him a hard time, though it's all in good spirit and jest, usually. For this reason, he comes across as arrogant and a pain in the butt. 


Mij is 6'3 with curly brown hair.  His eyes are deep blue.  Mij usually wears a sky blue NCIS polo shirt and jeans.  He is also know to wear any kind of t-shirt and jeans as well