Vital statistics
Position Mage
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Gender Unknown
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Species Unknown
Gahdu is a character in the RP. He has a mysterious past and his only known allegiance is to Agent Blake.


Gahdu doesn't tell anyone about his past, and intends to keep it that way. It is known that he came from a planet of Shinobi, and that he's one of the most powerful mages ever born.


Gahdu is generally good natured, but has an exceptionally short fuse, and is somewhat insane. He's very protective of his "sister" Agent Blake and all his other close friends.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Gahdu is just under 6'. He has meduim length messy sandy red hair, and black circles around his eyes. (not from makeup.) He normally wears baggy black clothes, and has a gourd made out of sand on his back. Along with a black obsidian ring on his right hand.


Gahdu's black ring turns into a massive two-handed sword, capable of absorbing and firing energy attacks. This sword can split into two smaller one-handed "Energy-Gun Swords". The gourd on his back is full of sand, that he can mentally control. It also blocks any attack, without Gahdu trying to. He has limited fire magic, and can combine this with his sand for glass.


  • Gahdu's mother died giving birth, and his father attempted to kill him on many occasions.
  • Gahdu is cabable of lowering the sand defence, but only for non-violent contact.
  • Gahdu is looking for a girl by the name of Airi.
  • Gahdu is played in the RP by Boyoboy8.