Some attributes
First Martial Arts
Second FR F2 Rifle
Third Myriad Of Hand-held Weapons
Other attributes
Fourth Skilled In Disguise And Impersonation
Fifth Monster Hunter
Delaney - or simply "Del" as he is known by to the others - has an incredibly shady background which is reflected by his equally shady personality.



Many stories of his place of origin exist. French-Canada being the most likely, due to his thick French accent and love of Canadian hockey.


At a young age he started working as a sniper for various rebel groups in Africa. He then went on to join naval gangs in Asia, and was allegedly recorded as leading a notorious pirate group in Hong Kong harbour.


He then, gradually started to become confused about his life and the meaning of it. He retired from piracy and sought solitude in the mountains of Scotland, where he found a new love of music and literature. He then studied music and Japanese at Oxford. After graduating, he moved to Tokyo and was just starting up his new career as a DJ when he got a mysterious email from a member of team, inviting him to join.


Quiet and thoughtful yet snide and sarcastic, with a stylish air of gruffness about him. He is naturally untrusting of most. He always manages to stay calm.



He finds Blake somewhat confusing and enigmatic. This annoys him so he often deliberately points out her shortcomings or makes fun of her and her relationship with Max.


He does not think much of Keplers due to a deep-lying disrespect for authority. Although as far as all idiotic leaders go, he seems fairly decent.


He considers the Doc a good and trustworthy friend. He is defensive of the Doc's views and defers to his advice and opinions more than the others.


He finds Max to be extremely arrogant, conceited, vain and a very shallow and person overall (which is why he nicknamed him "Stale bread"). He will take almost any opportunity to annoy Max or to clash with him. Deep down he feels there is more to Max and he pities him slightly.


He met Rys during their time in Africa as mercenaries. Though Delaney detests machine guns and says they lack style and finesse, he always respected and admired Rys' skill with them. He enjoys Rys' company and finds him very humorous and fun.


He finds Mij interesting.